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The Notebook
The Notebook
Acrylic, Oil, Acrylic marker, Spray paint
36 X 48

“The Notebook”, a huge romantic touchstone, in which more conniving male behavior is beautified, normalized, and repackaged as romance.

These movies taught us that whatever it took--force, coercion, trickery, were all acceptable ways for men to achieve their agendas.

Cause a guy saying he’ll kill himself if you won’t go out with him is WRONG. Every instinct should tell you to run from this guy. Your life will be a misery. But that’s not the way the male screenwriter unfolds his fairytale.

I wanted my version of The Notebook to look like a young woman’s scrapbook. A scrapbook where her better judgment, or any voices she might have inside of her, warning her, are overruled by this romantic indoctrination and its false promise of true love.

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