I am fascinated by the ways we re-invent ourselves in accordance to the whims of the society we inhabit; how we are influenced and indoctrinated by its dictates. These mixed media canvases are my social commentaries on the ongoing love-hate relationship between women, societal standards and self esteem. I enjoy the intersection between authenticity and conformity, beauty and distortion, complicity and rebellion. I am obsessed with what it is to be female, attractive and performative in today's world, and how we can find our truth in all that noise.



Feminist, expressionist painter Daena Title is best known for her colorful, figurative work that mirrors her obsession with modern female icons and the seductive force they wield. Using oil paint, mixed media or acrylics on canvas, Title’s ironic commentary explores the ever changing wrestling match of society, identity, self-esteem and sexism.

Raised on Long Island, Daena Title received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Theatre Studies from Wellesley College ('79). She then lived in Manhattan until 1991 where she worked as an actress and a writer.

Title currently resides and paints in Los Angeles. Since 1997, her work has been shown in galleries, museums and art fairs, including solo shows at the Chelsea, NYC gallery Carter Burden and the Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as group exhibitions at the Wausau Museum, the Carnegie Art Museum, the Long Beach Art Museum, The Oceanside Museum, the Riverside Museum, and the Torrance Art Museum. Title is proud that her work has been featured in several PoetsArtists shows and publications, is part of the Brooklyn Museum Center for Feminist Art Online Feminist Art base and the Tullman Collection of Chicago.