WORK > Compositional Collage

Mixed media on canvas
60" X 48"

"Static" is part of my "Calendar" series. At the time I was trying to balance raising two young children with a painting career and tried to show that life struggle in my work. I would take actual notes from my life, ones written to myself, to the babysitter, to my husband, and collage them directly onto the canvas. If you look you can see such classics as, "dog and fish are fed", or "this stuffed Sponge Bob will be re-gifted". The title "Static" refers to that low level buzz of everything I had to put aside to find time to work in the studio. That's me in the background holding the camera. The nude symbolizes the serenity, purity and idealized contentment of time spent working in the studio. Also, the bright red color, was a nod to Matisse's autobiographic "The Red Studio", only, he wasn't worried about his kids at the time.